Two’s company

Regarding the Electoral Reform Society’s proposals to facilitate minorities in Holyrood elections (your report, 16 November), I take a different approach.

Coalitions at Holyrood, and at Westminster, show the iniquities of a single, or several, minority individuals or groups; they are, simply, a bit of a nuisance.

Remember the delaying of the SNP’s budget a few years ago by two Green Party members? We should be making it difficult for them to stand.

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The deposit of £500 is 20 years out of date. Were it raised to £5,000, or £10,000, or even £15,000, it would concentrate minds; and remember, if they reached the required threshold of votes (currently 5 per cent), the deposit would be returned.

With a bit of luck, we would return to two-party politics – the problem in Scotland is, which two.

Douglas R Mayer

Thomson Crescent

Currie, Midlothian