Turbine dangers

MARK Gibson, (Letters, 22 December), is right to ask for an inquiry into wind turbine safety. The danger of turbine fires has recently been highlighted. It is regrettable that wind farm proposals, such as at Auchencorth, were not rejected because of the proximity of turbines to the road and an overground gas installation. I now feel there is no body that takes responsibility for public safety in regard to turbines.

The wind turbine on fire in Ayrshire has provided some interesting comment. Infinis, the developer, said: “As a standard precautionary measure, all Infinis staff vacate wind farms when wind speeds exceed 55mph and therefore no-one was present on site at the time of the incident.” Presumably this is to conform to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) rules, which look after workers.

There is no mention of the public who have to live close to these machines, which do catch fire and topple over. The turbine near Coldingham, which toppled over in the high winds this week, came near a public road. Who is assessing whether these turbines are being safely placed if HSE is not?

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road