Trump's law

The Trump case , (your report , 27 April) exemplifies how political authority is power and how what is lawful is what in reality political authority says it is.

There were those who believed when a planning committee refused consent by a legally taken vote, it could not be overruled. They were disabused when it was ruled refusal doesn't begin until an applicant gets a letter saying so. Hence the application could be "called in" by the political authority.

There were those who believed the law would protect the site of special scientific interest, as a golf resort on the outskirts of Aberdeen was not in the "national economic interest". They were disabused when political authority ruled that a championship links course with luxury housing was vital.

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There are those who believe they will be safeguarded from compulsory purchase but they ought to know that the law now is what political authority deems it to be.


Albany, Old Chapel Walk