Trump appeal

This is an open letter to Donald Trump. I think you are an educated man and interested in Scotland but I am not sure if you know the Scottish saying, "Oh wud God the giftie gie us, tae see oursels as others see us". Itt means we are not always able to see the image we present to the rest of the world.

Your insistence on pressing ahead with your plans to create a golf resort in Aberdeenshire shows you as something I cannot imagine anyone would want to be. You come across as a bully and a self-obsessed man who is determined to have his own way because he has enough money to make him powerful. That is not a decent way to behave.

There have been numerous objections to your plans but you are determined to go ahead seemingly for your own glory and to satisfy a need for immortality. That the majority of Aberdeenshire Council have been dazzled by your millions and are too spineless or too easily impressed to do what is right is not really your concern.

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I increasingly wonder why you are not happy just being yourself and making lots of money if that is what pleases you. You have chosen a hard path through life if you have to resort to throwing your weight around whenever others gainsay you.

There is no need to travel round the world imposing your will on people who do not wish it and I ask you to leave Scotland alone. The famous dunes you have taken under your wing do not need to be renamed by you. They already have a name – the Menie Dunes – which is fine.

I wish you could realise that, wealthy or not, you are just a man like the rest of us.