The true cost of ignoring doubts

IT SEEMS that, given the ­recent spate of observations from the great and good, millions of decent people in this ­country are either bigots, ­racists, homophobes or, to use the ­current insult, “swivel-eyed loons”.

It seems there is little ­purpose in being socially or culturally conservative nowadays because the noisy minorities have finally gained the ear of those in power who are apparently afraid to object.

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Any expressions of doubt or concern raised about ­either immigration or same-sex ­marriage are now referred to in the most pejorative of terms and this will not be forgotten either.

It is fair to say that the current governments of both England and Scotland, although of different political hues, have shot themselves in the foot over these matters and voters have long memories, so perhaps Mr Farage and his ilk may have garnered more support than at first thought by reaping the harvest created by the carelessness and short-sightedness of the incumbents.

Brian Allan, Alloa