Transport hell

Ken Sutherland’s considered words on Transport Scotland (“Give rail powers back to councils”, Letters, 18 November) give us all pause for thought on the unelected body which ultimately oversees control of roads and rail in Scotland.

My experience of Transport Scotland comes solely as a correspondent, raising with it the question of the shoddy, shabby and completely inadequate rolling stock which so curses Scotland’s long-distance rail services.

I find the corporate attitude of the organisation patronising, obstructive, opaque and obfuscatory. A response from chief executive David Middleton or his staff rarely addresses the point, and gives a bodyswerve to answering a question. Further, gaining a reply from Transport Scotland guarantees a long wait.

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Let me add my own word to Mr Sutherland’s description of Transport Scotland – “silent, toothless, faceless and unaccountable”.

Our MSPs need to know that Transport Scotland has to do better. We regular long-distance train travellers deserve better.