I disagree with most, but not all, of Andrew HN Gray’s views (Letters, 24 February).

However, I am beginning to find his irrational opposition to any aspect of First Minister Salmond’s activities tedious in the extreme – his comments regarding Rupert Murdoch smacked of blinkered opportunism.

In recent months Mr Gray called for “more maturity in political debate in these pages” – a plea I totally agree with, but it would appear that Mr Gray’s appeal was directed only at those with whom he disagrees. All the major politicians in the UK have at some time or other courted Rupert Murdoch.

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Mr Salmond, of course, did not fly half way round the world to meet Mr Murdoch, and has published details of his meetings with Murdoch, which, so far, Unionist parties have signally failed to do.

Bill McLean


Dunfermline, Fife