Trams tragedy

It is half a century since Edinburgh Corporation (as it was) promoted its grand scheme for the north side of Princes Street. There would be a pedestrian walkway at first floor level. Every new building had to make provision for this.

The result is a gap-toothed abomination. That might be tolerable if there had been a gain. But 50 years later, not one stretch of that walkway is in place.

Now Edinburgh Council is demanding that we should put with unending disruption because at some point in the future it will all be worthwhile. I know it's selfish, but I won't live that long.

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Trams do not suit Edinburgh's geography. It is not as if they have not been tried. They didn't work last time, and they won't work this time.

It is time to rescue something from Edinburgh's latest folly. The utility services were probably due for renewal anyway. The engineering works could now be steered in the direction of reducing congestion on Edinburgh's roads, improved bus-lanes for example.


Craiglockhart Grove