Tram costs

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I was glad to read The Scotsman’s headlines on Saturday with the news that the trams 
inquiry now had statutory 
powers to force people to 

Recently I asked if anybody could tell me how much Edinburgh council spent on the tram system and how much it is subsidising the running cost, say on a monthly basis, in view of its re-examining the plans to extend the tram system down to Leith and on to Granton. I am still waiting for a reply.

This has never been anything other than a puzzle to me how a poverty-stricken council can consider plans which could potentially cost us a huge amount of money at the same time as an inquiry is going on into the “trams fiasco”.

I would suggest that instead of blindly supporting our council we should, “ignore what they say, watch what they do, and follow the money”.

The original estimates for the complete two lines network were less than half the final costs for the one line, a sort of “buy two, get one” deal. Surely we must ask ourselves: do Leith and Granton really need a tram system?

Or should we just settle for the tourist attraction that 
our present system has become?

Ian Murray

Broomhall Loan