Timing is key

It is interesting that Bill Aitken (Letters, 17 June) appears to think the most important detail of my article on the Scottish Conservatives (Opinion, 15 June) was a single sentence about the circumstances of his decision to stand down as an MSP.

But since he accuses me of making a "wrong" statement, please allow me to defend myself.

First of all, his intention to retire was intimated to the press on the day of the meeting to which he refers, not before.

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Secondly, perhaps Aitken will quote directly what Mark McInnes's report says about the party's chances of holding on to its single Glasgow MSP.

Given that the Tory share of the vote in this region has declined from 7.9 per cent in 1999 to 6.67 per cent in 2007, this prospect looks slim at best.


Brunswick Street