Time to break this selfish cycle

I LIVE in Edinburgh in an area near schools and universities, where there is a predominance of young people and where the streets are wide and several have retained their original cobbles. It is a fine place to live, except for the menace of the “pavement cyclists” – mostly young, generally arrogant, self-centred and rude, and who choose to target the most vulnerable group of road users: that is, pedestrians. The latter include parents with children, the elderly, those who are visually impaired, people with mobility difficulties and others, all of whom are expected to jump out of the way or be mowed down.

I understand that increased funds are to be spent in Scotland encouraging more people to cycle. As this is a healthy, energy-saving activity it cannot be faulted, but consideration needs to be given also to pedestrians to make it easy and safe for them to get around. I hope too that some of the funding will go towards making it safer for children to learn how to cycle properly – where necessary, alongside other road users. Far too often one sees a parent and offspring making their way along a busy road, the child wobbling precariously at junctions or waiting to turn right when they are stopped in the middle of the road.

We all have to manage together on the roads, and the sooner the selfish and egotistical among us realise this, the better it will be for everybody.

S Edward Gordon, Edinburgh