Tide is turning

Brian Wilson’s most recent rant of unionist rhetoric (Perspective, 23 August) really takes the biscuit. He accuses the SNP of being “unprincipled, deceitful and wrong” over the current debate on the future of the NHS if there were a No vote in September. Surely Mr Wilson could also level those same accusations at the tri-party unionist party stance on the question of currency after a Yes vote?

The problem for Mr Wilson is that his bombast and hyperbole would be better directed at the lies being told about that particular issue. Objective observers have said that there will indeed be a currency union as the best option for rUK and Scotland.

The SNP projections of how spending would be cut for NHS Scotland after a No vote are based on the model currently operating in a failing NHS in rUK, surely he cannot dispute that that is the case? Would he prefer having to pay £10 minimum to visit his GP if there were to be a No vote? Mr Wilson would be better off living in the real world where the tide is turning against unionism and towards Scotland becoming an independent nation.

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