Ten Questions: Gavin Tiffin

GAVIN TIFFIN, 27, is co-founder of The Sizzling Scot steakhouse and grill on Hanover Street. He lives on Lothian Road.

1 What is your earliest memory of Edinburgh? My first memories were getting to help my father in his office in Morrison Street during the school holidays for extra pocket money.

2 What are your memories of school? I used to attend Crieff High School. It was a small school so everybody knew what you were doing – there was no hiding. It was a fun time and I learned quickly.

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3 Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh and why? During the Six Nations it was Murrayfield Stadium. The whole atmosphere just made me think how great Edinburgh is – the laughs, the tears, the emotions and the beer.

4 What are the best things about Edinburgh? The open spaces and freedom to move. I enjoy running and for me Edinburgh is so varied, with parks and canals, mountains and the sea, everything you need is on your doorstep. It is also amazing for its varied lifestyles and cultures. We also have some of the best restaurants and bars in the world.

5 What would you change about the city? It would be the traffic – there are so many one-way systems and bus lanes. For people who live in the city it is a nightmare. They should bring in a congestion charge.

6 Describe a perfect Edinburgh day/night out. It would begin with an early morning run on Sunday when the streets are quiet, followed by a relaxed lunch in one of the many fine pubs, followed by a leisurely walk in town, finishing off with dinner and drinks in George Street with family and friends.

7 Which sports interest you? Rugby has always been a passion and a lot of my spare time is spent on tour with the Scotland team. I also took up marathon running a few years ago in memory of a close friend, raising money for Shelter at the same time.

8 What was your most embarrassing moment? During a school play, I had to wear a large mask preventing me from seeing anything. The last thing I remember was falling off the stage in front of several hundred people.

9 What is your greatest achievement? Finishing my first marathon in Edinburgh in 2006.

10 Sum up Edinburgh in three words. Dynamic, vibrant, challenging.