Talking turkey

Isn’t it sad that Donald Trump is unaware that the universe doesn’t revolve around him?

Once again, this self-centred man is shouting “jump” and is annoyed that no-one is taking any heed (your report, 9 February).

I strongly suspect that the real reason he is bleating about the wind turbines is that he realises that, in the present economic climate, his “magnificent vision” is about to turn into a turkey.

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He hasn’t built a single house, but then that’s because he realises that he is unlikely to sell any.

He proposes an eyesore as a clubhouse, and he has stopped work on the golf course (though I just heard him on the radio saying it was finished).

The real reason he’s making threats about leaving Scotland is that he is looking for a way out without losing face.

Sorry, Donald, we’re not all numpties in Scotland.

Fraser Gillespie

Bonhill Road