Talk of the Town: Two Jags makes do with one minibus

THE recession has hit us all, even the politicians. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott arrived in Leith yesterday in his battle bus but, instead of an adapted luxury coach, Two Jags is having to make do with a minibus.

It's known as the "Prescott Express" but, in view of its size, others have dubbed it the "Prescott Espresso".

Mr Prescott was in town to open Mark Lazarowicz's campaign office in Leith Walk. Afterwards he took the opportunity for a walkabout, talking to people at bus stops, before heading off in his election wagon.

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Sir Sean's old Bentley comes with its own licence to thrill

WITH a price tag of 20,000 and a certain previous owner, it's the car with a licence to thrill.

A 1961 Bentley once owned by Sir Sean Connery is set to go under the hammer later this month. The car comes complete with log book, showing the Bond star was the car's third owner when he bought it in 1974, listing his address as being in London's upmarket Chelsea embankment.

A description of the car on Bonhams' website reads: "This right-hand drive Bentley S2 previously belonged to Sean Connery, first of the several James Bonds and for many devotees the definitive portrayer of 007. The accompanying original log book records the fact that the Scottish actor was its third owner (from July 1974) and is signed by him."

The car also comes with the original owner's handbook, complete tool kit and even an inspection lamp – though sadly not James Bond-style gimmicks.

Still its surely the perfect gift for The Man with the Midlife Crisis.

You can keep your pants on

IN THE midst of a recession it is all the more important for businesses to get themselves noticed, and one city business appears to have found a very innovative way to do just that.

While it might not have the budget to employ a fancy marketing agency or launch a billboard campaign, the dry cleaner has been getting a lot of attention from passers-by, thanks to a simple sign in the window. Then again, it's hardly surprising that people would do a double take of the slogan "Just drop your trousers here".

Sounds like a helpful appeal

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TRACKING down criminals is a tough task and the police are always grateful for public assistance.

Normally they will issue a description to help people identify the culprit. One recent appeal, however, included a slightly baffling description.

Asking for help in tracing a private hire driver involved in a road rage incident, officers gave the man's estimated age, hair colour and height, before adding that he had "a Scottish accent".

In Scotland's capital, this wouldn't seem to be a very helpful description but, when asked, police replied that they felt it would help, as Edinburgh is "a very cosmopolitan city".