Talk of the Town: Tram man makes impressive dragon

Edinburgh's mild-mannered Labour group leader Andrew Burns turned into a Dragon at last weekend's Scottish Labour conference.

He was recruited by think tank the Centre for Scottish Public Policy who were staging a Dragons' Den-style event where four "pitchers" from different transport interests presented a case for their pet projects.

Cllr Burns was one of the panel. He proved an impressive interrogator on the projects, which ranged from upgrading Glasgow's subway to the importance of high speed rail.

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But the question is whether the one-time city transport convener has forgiven the CSPP's Ross Martin for introducing him as "the man responsible for the trams".

Political Hallowe'en costumes scariest of all

ON Hallowe'en night there was no shortage of weird and wonderful costumed creatures wandering the streets of the Capital.

Top-marks however - for invention if not style - have to go to those who dressed up as ginger rodents, barely hours after Harriet Harman's jibe at Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

The only thing missing appeared to be people dressed up as the man wielding the biggest axe in Britain - and the boss of Mr Alexander - George Osborne.

Maybe he was considered too scary.

News is music to our ears

IT'S a problem which can ruin a night out - a pub where the music is too loud.

But Bosses at Hyde Out, due to open at Edinburgh Quay later this month, have fitted a sophisticated set-up which supposedly adjusts sound levels by detecting the depth and number of people in the area to ensure the music volume is always just right.

Those bars which can't afford such a system shouldn't lose heart - just turn down the volume a little.

Tweets give too much away

AUTHOR JK Rowling was known for keeping her stories a closely guarded secret, and it appears the people behind the film adaptations have the same idea.

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Comic Stephen Fry had to take down a tweet in which he published behind-the-scenes footage of the forthcoming Harry Potter movie.

The images, which showed a destroyed Hogwarts and Harry's home on Privet Drive, were taken by Fry as he was filming close to the studio where the Harry Potter films are being completed.

After removing the pictures Fry tweeted "Ooops. I've been sent to the naughty step ..." but wouldn't confirm if it was studio Warner Bros who had got involved.

Of course, anyone still keen to find out what happens in the film could always try reading the book.