Talk of the Town: Take grit complaints with a pinch of salt

THE dark grey of pavements have only just begun to poke through the worst ice and snowfall in decades.

But it hasn't stopped residents complaining to the council - not about the snow, but excess grit on the streets.

Craigentinny/Duddingston councillor Stefan Tymkewycz couldn't believe his eyes when a roads update indicated the complaints.

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He said: "It's laughable, the council workers have worked really hard to clear the roads.

"Now we have people complaining there's too much grit. It seems unbelievable, particularly with more snow forecast."

Send for the Marine

THE snow might have sparked complaints, but it appears to have become so bad authorities have actually declared war on the weather.

First the military were drafted in to help clear Edinburgh's snowbound streets - though the council will be getting a bill for their efforts. Now a former Royal Marine has been appointed Scotland's new Transport Minister. Keith Brown, who was born in Edinburgh and went to Tynecastle High School, served in the Falklands in 1982 and was one of the few to have fought their way on foot across the Islands.

No doubt, if necessary, he'll be able to fight his way through snow on the M8 too.

Watch your status updates

FACEBOOK is an increasingly essential tool for keeping in touch with friends and arranging social lives - but now it seems it could be opening people up to the danger of theft.

Edinburgh residents are worried that the site's new "Facebook Places" feature could leave them vulnerable to burglars.

It allows people to "check in" to their current location and share their whereabouts with friends or followers - and insurance giant Legal & General's latest Digital Criminal Report says burglars are using the information to establish a list of targets.

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Hopefully people will be sensible enough not to put their home address next to times when they will be out the house and an itemised list of their valuables.

Shower is a Psycho thriller

CLASSIC horror film Psycho, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has been voted the best bathroom scene by film fans in the Capital, it seems.

Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts belting out Prince's Kiss and What Women Want featuring Mel Gibson falling in the bath while dressed as a woman complete with nail varnish, tights and mascara, were voted second and third.

You won't be surprised to learn the survey was carried out by a well known shower company.