Talk of the Town: Susan looking to outgun Sgt Pepper

IT WAS perhaps The Beatles' biggest career gaffe when they claimed to be bigger than Jesus.

Despite their ambitious claim, they earned their status as musical gods, and as recent sales show, have held on to that status.

Another driven artist, however, now has them in her sights.

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Susan Boyle, West Lothian's very own pop deity, said in her latest interview that she wanted nothing more than to become immortal like the Beatles and meet Paul McCartney.

But before music fans start screeching, the singer pointed out that she realised she had "a lot to do" to get there.

Although Susan's tunes haven't yet quite generated a frenzy akin to Beatlemania, she has proved herself to be competition, at least: the pop star is the only artist apart from the Fab Four and The Monkees to have ever had a No1 album simultaneously in the UK and the States.

Carving out a reputation

IT was the mysterious leafman and his expanding family of leafy characters who got an honourable mention in this column yesterday.

Not to be outdone, it's now the turn of his more famous colleague, the Gormley statue at Ocean Terminal.

Since being put in place earlier this year, the figure has attracted lots of admirers and even launched his own comments on Twitter. And while he's clearly no Stephen Fry or Ian Rankin, it now seems he's built up his following to 35.

Surely a stint on I'm A Celebrity can't be too far behind.

It's suds law for Hibbies

ANYONE stuck for a Christmas present for the Hibs fan in their life should look no further.

A nationwide soapmaker has teamed up with Edinburgh fans to produce a bar of soap especially designed for Hibs supporters.

The soap has been made by the Early Bath Soap Company.

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Founder Ian Davies, said: "I got chatting to Jamie Millar, the main man behind the Hibees Bounce online forum. Jamie was quick to point out that Early Bath's existing green and white soap looked far too much like a Celtic FC bar for his liking. I love the design that the Hibees lads have chosen. We know quite a bit about making soap but when it comes to team colours the real experts are the fans."

Not so sharp with cards

TALKING of Christmas shopping, it seems that sometimes people just can't help themselves.

A new report shows that concerns about credit and debit card fraud are at an all-time high among the city's consumers, with two-thirds worried about the security of their personal data when shopping.

Despite this, 58 per cent, would still go ahead with a dubious transaction over the phone according to a new report.