Talk of the Town: Support fairer world - boo the auld enemy

IT DOESN'T usually take much for Scottish football fans not to cheer on England at the World Cup.

But now the Tartan Army can also claim to be taking the moral high ground by shunning the Auld Enemy, after new research ranked England among the "least supportable" teams in this year's competition.

A new website ranks countries on their environmental credentials and the amount of foreign aid they give.

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Propping up the table is North Korea, which beat the USA into last place. England is ranked at 27th out of the 32 teams.

Those looking for a team to support should pledge their backing to either Denmark or Holland, which score well on the aid front, or Cameroon or Ghana, which have relatively green economies.

Trying to spice up their latest ad campaign

THERE have been endless campaigns over the years encouraging people to make their meals more healthy.

Whether it's cutting out fats or additives or salt, there always ways to improve your diet, although a new survey would suggest people in the Capital have no real interest in that.

The recent study showed 63 per cent of residents admitted to sprinkling salt and dolloping sauces on most meals to add more flavour.

Given that the survey came from Schwartz however, as it launched a "Spice Up Your Healthy Eating " plan to use healthy ingredients for more flavour, perhaps the results should also be taken with just a pinch of salt.

Rugby's driving force

IF NEW Edinburgh Rugby signing Alex Blair can kick a ball like he can smack one with a golf club then the Murrayfield outfit will be well served. Playing at the Bruntsfield Links course teenager Alex is said to have driven the eighth hole, admittedly downhill, but still a massive 382 yards distant. Along with big brothers Mike and David he is known as one of the "Three Blairs" and clearly Alex likes his porridge to be hit the ball that far!

Breaking down dance risks

SENSIBLE advice, killjoy scaremongering, or just cashing in on the latest big thing?

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The Physiotherapy Centre in Henderson Row has warned that youngsters who are swept along by the success of dance and acrobatic troupes in TV talent contests run the risk of injury. Physiotherapist Kirsten Lord says: "Strains, sprains, back pain and joint problems are all part of the performance landscape."

She is, needless to say, recommending regular check-ups with your physio to prevent problems occurring.

Fortunately, operating the remote control carries very little risk.