Talk of the Town: Slip of the tongue speaks volumes

IT SEEMS Labour councillor Ian Murray is settling in well to his new role as a Member of Parliament.

But until a by-election is called later this year, the Edinburgh South MP still needs to represent his Liberton/Gilmerton ward as well.

And at last week's full council meeting he couldn't resist pointing out to colleagues that he has moved on to bigger and better things. In his only contribution, Cllr Murray asked a question about trams, which he introduced by saying: "Thank you very much Mr Speaker, I mean Lord Provost . . ."

Property price swap

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THE prize for the most obvious piece of research this week could well go to a city-based online property portal. Its report on "flats in plush areas costing almost three times as much to rent as similar properties in rundown districts" caused a storm among property journalists and the industry alike. One over-eager reporter at a Scottish news agency unfortunately got so excited they mixed up the top ten most expensive and least expensive places to live north of the Border.

Tenants in the New Town and West End were left reeling at the news that they lived in one of the cheapest areas of the country.

Locale of Local under fire

THEY say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whether Sainsbury's bosses will see the latest addition to the Stockbridge streetscape that way is another matter, however.

The supermarket giant, which launched a Sainsbury's Local on Deanhaugh Street in Stockbridge last week, has come under fire from nearby retailers and residents who fear the area – famed for its eclectic range of shops – could lose some of its diversity. The creative response of locals? Signs have since been appearing in the same sweeping Sainsbury's font with the message: 'Stockbridge Local?'

Competition isn't cricket

DURING a spell with Heriot's a few years ago, New Zealand-born cricketer Jamie Watkins acquired a strong reputation as a wicket-keeper batsman. Friends down Goldenacre way will be pleased to know Jamie now has another claim to fame . . . husband of "one of the world's 64 sexiest female athletes".

According to website Yahoo!Xtra, Aimee Watkins, who happens to be the Kiwis' ladies cricket captain, ranked as one of the "hottest chicks in sport". Jamie said: "I've got a bit of competition it seems. I'll have to beat them off with a big stick."