Talk of the Town: Picturesque backdrop to irritating TV advert

THE scenic Pentland Hills have been revealed as the location for the latest in the hugely-popular Compare the Meerkat adverts.

The crew were in town in February, but it was not the historic Capital streets they came for – instead they have used the snowy hillsides of the Pentlands as the perfect backdrop to the "Battle of Fearlessness" TV ads.

Cocktail shows off Irn-Bru's sophisticated side

THE delightful orange fizz of Irn-Bru is hoping to make a splash on the sophisticated nightclub scene – as the basis for a new cocktail.

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Drinkers at the Rutland Hotel, clearly looking for something a little more rugged than a Flirtini or a Long Island Iced Tea, are being offered the chance to try a Bru-Hattan.

A take on the classic Manhattan, it includes bourbon, sweet vermouth and Irn-Bru syrup.

Gail's sitcom advice

GAIL Porter has had more than her fair share of heartache over the years, so it's good to hear she is happy with her new man.

The Edinburgh-born star suffered alopecia after the stress of a messy divorce and the discovery that a previous boyfriend cheated on her.

Recently her hair started to grow back, and the former model turned TV star has thanked her relationship with guitarist boyfriend Jonny Davies for helping with the turnaround. The pair have been together seven months, and it seems the only slight ripple in their otherwise calm relationship pond is the age difference

At 39, Ms Porter is some 15 years older than Davies, but never one to sit idly by the intrepid ex-model has been seeking some expert advice - from US sitcom Cougar Town, which follows a divorcee and her relationships with younger men.

Bumpy journeys

THEY might take a few years to get here, but it seems despite the cost and problems Edinburgh's trams could yet be welcomed by residents.

A recent study by the British Chiropractic Association has revealed that 22 per cent of people living in Edinburgh spend 14 months of their lives commuting, with complaints ranging from cramped conditions to loud music and, oddly, cigarette smells.

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The roomy designs of the city's luxurious trams may improve the situation, but before tram bosses start grasping at a bit of good news they should consider the following: the same study showed 15 per cent of people commuting in the capital described their journey as both frustrating and uncomfortable, while 5 per cent say they are left stressed before the day even begins.

Both are problems which have been made worse by the interminable tram works.