Talk of the Town: How a letter could save an email..

IT'S easy to make a mistake when you're short of time.

Just ask Edinburgh MP Mark Lazarowicz, who, in a recent electronic mailshot to constituents about the forthcoming parliamentary debate on daylight saving, left the crucial letter 'L' out of the phrase "UK clocks should move forward".

As one wag put it: "Mr Lazarowicz gives a whole new take on 'private members bill' ..."

All Blacks work on their washing line-outs

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THE All Blacks are used to giving opponents the brush off but it seems the world's No 1 rugby team are also pretty domesticated judging by reports from the Spartans FC academy at Pilton where they staged an impromptu training session this week.

Spartans web-site notes that "coach Graham Henry presented us with a signed top and his guys were all very complimentary about our facilities" but we have learned the A-B's cleaned out the dressing rooms after training, leaving them in the same pristine condition as when they arrived.

A lesson for all sports teams ... and so far as the rugby is concerned, a measure of what Scotland are up against on Saturday can perhaps be gleaned from the fact Spartans head coach Dougie Samuel and others were highly impressed by the FOUR video recordings taken of line-out drills from a variety of angles!

Crystal clear advice

MOST bars and nightclubs have a functional approach to decor.

There might be stylish surroundings but at the end of the night, staff are mopping up spilt beer and counting the smashed glasses.

So top marks for bravery to Hyde Out, which opens at Fountainbridge tonight. The bar's foyer will feature a bespoke chandelier made of 600 crystal glasses, commissioned from designer John Harrington, who has assembled it on site this week.

So watch your step and don't slip up on your way in - unless you're determined to end up swinging from the chandelier.

It really is in the genes

APPARENTLY it's not who you know but what you are.

Researchers from Edinburgh University have found that how people operate in a group has more to do with their genes than having common interests with fellow group members.

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After assessing nearly 1,000 pairs of adult twins, the researchers found that strong genetic influences have a major influence on how loyal a person feels to their social group.

And while genes play a significant role in group dynamics, family ties are less influential.