Talk of the Town: Doctor's assistant is looking for a geek

WHEN it comes to men, Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan has revealed she might opt for a geek over a hunk.

Karen, who studied acting at Telford College in Edinburgh and plays Amy Pond in the hit TV show, said: "I don't like studs - geeks tend to be funny and humour is so important."

She also claimed that Time Lord actor Matt Smith gets all the attention when they go out.

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"I think it's mainly men, you know, and a lot of children," said the 23-year-old. "It's 24/7 for him. You'd think they'd think, 'Ooh, the Doctor and his assistant', but they just don't notice me!"

Ghost of Christmas Future will stop at York Place

THEY might have had another tough year dealing with technical problems, legal problems and weather problems, but the people at Edinburgh Trams have still been spreading some festive cheer.

Their attractive electronic Christmas card features a lovely scene of Princes Street, complete with its towering illuminated big wheel and twinkling fairy lights.

And running along the road are various streaks of light, as if some large and possibly tram-like vehicle has just gone past on its way to Leith. Or possibly just York Place.

Thank you Edinburgh Trams for bringing us a vision from the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Outbreak of shoppers rage

THE annual nightmare that is Christmas shopping has been made even worse this year thanks to the deluge of snow which kept most people away.

So as the big day draws closer and everyone tries to get those elusive gifts it's little wonder locals are experiencing the phenomenon of "shoppers rage".

New research has found that as many as one in three people from Edinburgh have admitted using physical force or shouted abuse at shop assistants or fellow consumers as stress levels rise during Christmas shopping.

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More than a third admitted to storming out of a shop when things got too much in queues, with one in four admitting to losing their temper over what they regarded later as an insignificant incident.

The research was carried out by an online parcel delivery service, which helpfully advised people not to leave all their shopping to the last minute.

It's a little late for that now, don't you think?

Leaving Manhattan behind

DESPITE the recession it seems Edinburgh's financial district is still booming - and bringing in plenty of money for landlords.

A recent report showed that renting office space in the Capital is now more expensive than in Manhattan.