Talk of the Town: Back to school for Culture Secretary

You can understand that it will take time for some Scottish Government ministers to get used to their new portfolios.

But there isn't really any excuse for Fiona Hyslop, who retained her role as Minister for Culture and External Affairs.

It has now been almost 18 months since she was demoted from her role as Education Minister following a barrage of criticism.

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Yet, at the launch of new research into Edinburgh's festivals yesterday, she said: "As cabinet secretary for education, sorry, culture . . ."

Perhaps she should get lines?

Play's focus group is on the lookout for likely lads

GENTS who enjoy the bragging rights of a flirtatious night out will appreciate an advert we've spotted for a "focus group" to help provide information for a new play.

Organisers are "Looking for men, aged 18-30, who are willing to share their experiences and opinions of 'being on the pull' on a night out."

We hope the men in question will have found their just rewards on their night out, however - all that's on offer at the focus group is tea and biscuits.

Moderator pulls up a pew

As well as modernising its attitude towards gay members of the clergy, the Church of Scotland has also got some new furniture for this year's General Assembly.

Gone is the Moderator's elevated chair and the "playpen" - the fenced-off stage area where the officials in charge of the business would sit. Instead, new desks and lecterns have been crafted by the Grow project, based at Greyfriar's kirkyard, which recycles unwanted wood from churches.

At a time when the church is demanding more donations from congregations, it is a touch ironic that the oak which now forms the Moderator's desk spent the last 150 years in Tranent Parish Church as pews.

Exercising her influence

SOME may have feared the SNP's overall majority in the Scottish Parliament might mean little scope for Independent Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald to exercise her unique influence as she did in the last parliament when the arithmetic was much tighter.

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But Ms MacDonald is claiming a significant victory before the session has even started.

Having long campaigned for the promotion of PE, she called during the election campaign for the new government to appoint a dedicated minister for sport. Lo and behold, Mr Salmond's new ministerial team includes just such a post, to be filled by Shona Robison.