Talk of the Town: All aboard for tips on how to use a bus

IT HAS long been a problem for weary commuters in the Capital - how to use a bus.

But at least standing at a dark, freezing cold bus stop full of unruly children before stumbling on to the bus and landing face first in the aisle will soon be thing of the past.

At least, that's the aim of First Bus' new passenger safety seminar to be held in Castle Street tomorrow.

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As the evenings draw in and the weather worsens, the advice being offered ranges from how to alert bus drivers to any special requirements they may have to providing information about how to avoid slips, trips and falls.

First Bus will also be visiting schools to show youngsters how to behave at bus stops and while travelling on vehicles.

Pee-lease don't have a tiddle in bookshop door

IN THESE days of Amazon, e-books and kindles, running an independent bookshop has never been tougher.

So you have to feel for the good people at the fantastic West Port bookshop, who have a more immediate problem to attend to.

The shop owners have placed a sign in their window advising drunken passers-by: "Please do not pee in doorway as it runs into shop and stinks the place out."

Being well-read sorts, they have cleverly placed the sign at "stooping" height, ensuring it catches the eye of anyone about to relieve themselves.

Tattoo makes its mark

IT IS the entertainment capital of the world, but even Las Vegas can learn a thing or two about showmanship from Edinburgh.

The American city is planning to hold an International tattoo, based on the Capital's world-famous event, next year.

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Senator Dennis Nolan has said next year's Highland Games will be "on steroids", in a bid to be "the largest and most spectacular Celtic festival in the world".

That may sound a bold claim, but they have already appointed former Edinburgh Tattoo boss Brigadier Mel Jamieson as a consultant for the event.

With the tattoo given the "Royal" title earlier this year, it seems appropriate that a version be staged in the home of the King.

All I want for Christmas . .

CHRISTMAS is a time of goodwill to all men, but it seems that still doesn't mean they can be trusted with the shopping.

According to new research by, 81 per cent of women in Edinburgh take on all of the Christmas food shopping themselves, as they don't trust their partners to remember the essential items.

We have a suggestion: write him a shopping list and put your feet up.