Take a cue from punk and end spin cycle

IT was just like the old days. In what has thus far been a desperately formulaic, manipulative and over-spun election campaign, a student pelted David Cameron with an egg.

Well one egg doesn't make a revolution and the use of foodstuffs to make a political point is to be discouraged, but when the height of excitement is three men in suits answering prepared questions in near-monastic silence a bit of anarchy wouldn't go amiss. The truth is that politics is now run by the party control freaks. Real debate is stifled, interaction with hostile voters is avoided, images are manipulated, and soundbites replace rhetoric.

What are we to do to break out of this depressing spin cycle? Well, here's a really, really radical idea, right? What is needed to spice up this dreary election is a bit of anarchy in the UK.

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Earlier this week the family of Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols svengali and punk rock progenitor, said at midday today, the day of his funeral, there should be a "minute of mayhem".

So we urge the leaders to loosen up today. Dave could spike up his hair and sing God Save the Queen, Gord could pogo to Anarchy .... For Nic Pretty Vacant seems right. Laugh? We'd try. Cry? We might. Despair? We do.

But there might be one Pistols lesson for election time: never mind the soundbites, here's the boll***s.