Tactical swaying

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I am amazed to be in receipt of two communications from a prominent Conservative Party member, a company director of a large plc no less, urging me to vote Liberal Democrat.

The first syndicated letter was published and promoted on behalf of the Liberal Democrats in London.

The second one, from the same person, came via the Scottish Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh, urging more Conservative supporters to vote Lib Dem, adding that a vote for the Conservative Party “will simply help the SNP”.

Surely the desperation of the Lib Dems is now complete. I just wonder what Tory candidates in Scotland think of this as they contemplate losing their deposits.

I realise the Tories and Lib Dems have been in bed for five long years, but this is legal prostitution on a grand scale and calls into question, again, the integrity of these powerful political parties.

As a former Liberal supporter I will certainly be voting for the SNP on 7 May.

Grant Frazer