Stand alone

I keep hearing references from the Prime Minister and the DUP to "we", "us", "our people" etc in reference to Northern Ireland's power-sharing government and the impasse over parades (your report, 28 January). It is time leadership stopped absconding to the collective. Intimidation is at the root of the problem regarding the parades.

The comfort zone of this sort of pluralism is a deliberately exaggerated expression of vulnerability, insecurity and victim status. It is subtle, yet tangible, conceit.

The people the proponents of this claim to represent, as individuals, are negatively patronised by such authorities causing untold harm over a long period. It seems it is merely the interests of officialdom and connected groups which have to be satisfied regarding the situation. There is more to consider than the collective mindset of the Prime Minister, political avoidance and the use of vanity as a tool from the DUP.


Bridgend Perth