Springside hopes

We note with interest the comments made by Gavin Corbett (Letters, 21 February) with regard to his desire to build a new Fountainbridge, balancing mixed-use development with real community values and needs.

We, as the developers behind Springside, are continuing to deliver our commitment to the wider area and welcome the launch of the community-led Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative. We intend to work closely with them, as well as other local organisations, to help continue transforming the wider area into a neighbourhood of which the community can be proud.

Springside has already made a significant contribution to the landscape of Fountainbridge, both in the quality of existing development and continued investment in exciting future plans.

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We are committed to ensuring that our legacy is one of a vibrant and integrated addition to the existing community and we would be delighted to share our thoughts and views with Mr Corbett and other members of the community.

The good news is that others seem to share our aspirations, with sales of our latest homes phase, the Foundry, progressing well despite the toughest economic conditions witnessed for a generation or more.

Robin Blacklock


Castle Street

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