Sporting parents

Having coached athletics at club level, and taken one of my children to orienteering and cross-country, and the other to rugby, I am in a good position to state that there will be no legacy from the Olympics unless 
parents do more to get involved with their children.

Time and again, in interviews with medallists, we heard of the tremendous support parents and family had given. These are the minority.

Many parents look to the club officials to carry out the role of parents.

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In my day, we were volunteers and unpaid.

Schools will do so much to provide sport but mainly they are concerned with team sport, not individuals.

If money is put into coaching at club level – help with travel costs, specialised equipment and financial help for active 
parents – progress will be made and youngsters will be able to enjoy the many benefits of being involved in sport throughout their lives.

Margaret Robertson

Hunter Crescent