In a sorry state

PERHAPS the controversy arising from the SNP’s determination to abolish the legal requirement of corroboration could be resolved by a compromise grounded in a Liberal Democrat conception of justice.

The way forward would be 
for corroboration to be retained, but for any man accused of anything from sexual harassment to misconduct and worse to be required to apologise, on pain of contempt of court, even though the evidence was inadequate to convict him.

Paul Brownsey

Larchfield Road



IN LIGHT of the furore surrounding Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard, is there an accepted definition of “violation of personal space”, so that we might clear up exactly what he is accused of?

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More generally, in view of the scale of the ensuing scandal, one must ask why so many politicians fail to realise that a forced apology is no apology at all?

John Birkett

Horseleys Park

St Andrews, Fife