Solo in Europe

It is curious that the SNP is so keen on the European Union. It purports to campaign for an independent Scotland and yet membership of the EU and independence are a contradiction in terms.

The EU is an undemocratic institution seeking to create a federal Europe and is a long way towards achieving that.

If Scotland did achieve independence within the EU it would be a small country among 29 with very little influence on future policies and events.

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The SNP is allegedly against inequality but there can be few things as inequitable as the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

Under this, huge amounts of taxpayers’ money are given to large farmers and agribusiness for doing nothing, with very little reaching the small farmers who merit some support.

However, you never hear a word of criticism from the SNP about this or other damaging EU policies. One would have thought that the SNP would be enthusiastic about holding a referendum on membership of the EU and would be in favour of leaving.

That it is taking the opposite line leads one to conclude that it is not interested in real independence and is principally motivated by a wish to break away from the rest of the UK.

John Hunt

York Road

North Berwick