Slippery risks

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My street always bears the brunt of any cold weather that hits Edinburgh.

Running along the spine of the hill, it is always the one that is frozen solid and treacherous in wintry conditions.

When the pavement is like a skating rink, I sally forth and liberally shower it with coarse salt, which usually ameliorates matters. However, there is a point to be made here which is more than one of civic duty, though that is something which is sadly missing these days. When we consider the sheer cost of the NHS, burdened as it is with all manner of legal requirements and suffering from higher levels of expectation than is reasonable, we should also consider one of the big problems it suffers from in winter.

“Nofs”, I believe the term to be, describes the breaking of the necks of the femur of those who have slipped on the ice and it tends to affect older people most. Indeed, I believe it can lead to death in those who are especially fragile.

Surely, for the sake of our oldsters, we should all be doing our bit to prevent them from slipping on the pavements outside our houses at this time of year.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive