Slaughter rules

R M Aitkinson (Letters, 31 May) might not have to wait too long for a ban on sentient slaughter of animals in Scotland.

On Thursday the Scottish Government started a consultation on how changes to EC Council Regulation Number 1099/2009 will be implemented in this country. Many animal welfare groups want to see these changes used to make full stunning compulsory and thereby outlaw the slaughtering of conscious animals in Scotland.

We also want to see the changes used to make it compulsory for CCTV cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses.

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These would allow local and national government animal welfare and food hygiene inspectors instant access to any abattoir in the country, thus helping to maintain the highest possible standards. People who feel strongly that animals which are killed for food should be treated as humanely as possible should make their views known through this consultation.

John F Robins

Animal Concern Advice Line