Size matters

In your report (23 January) of the proposal by Councillor Paul Edie to safeguard the Corstorphine Hill public park and local nature reserve against intrusion by Edinburgh zoo or other developments, one garbled sentence in my quote as secretary of the Friends of Corstorphine Hill cast doubt on our position.

The Friends, along with other local bodies, continue to oppose any proposal to take away any of this vital public green space and welcome any measure to secure it permanently for public recreation. We are not anti-zoo, and support its efforts to improve its facilities on site, but my statement that "we do not want to stop any expansion of the zoo on its existing site" was printed as "from its existing site", suggesting that we supported the zoo's plan to expand eastwards. We don't.

Within its present boundaries, we wish to see the greatest possible public enjoyment of the spaces and beauties of Corstorphine Hill and of the attractions of the zoo.


Garscube Terrace