Silenced voices

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Some contributors to this column have raised concerns in the past in relation to the SNP’s record on democracy.

The standard response has been empty sarcasm or the citing of supposed comparisons with the approach of other parties as if – even if the comparisons were valid – two wrongs make a right.

I wonder how SNP acolytes will respond to the remarks of Lord McCluskey on the SNP justice shambles.

They should not, of course, be surprised at the comment: “Anywhere independent voices are subservient to the political power, democracy is mocked”.

Indeed, it is written into SNP standing orders that “no member shall within or outwith the parliament publicly criticise a group decision, policy or another member of the group.”

This same “ruthless crushing of opposition” applies generally, the most serious example of which can be seen in the proceedings of the committee system under the SNP.

It is little wonder that there is very real anxiety at the prospect of another term of the SNP in power in Scotland. We wish to live in a democracy – not an “elective dictatorship”.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue