Silence, please

What is this latest trendy madness afflicting the SRU and Edinburgh rugby? The traditional, respectful silence before matches to mark the passing of an admired person who has given much to the game of rugby was replaced last Saturday at Murrayfield by a minute's applause for Bill McLaren, and the same will happen at the Six Nations match against France.

By contrast, I was at a Premier League game where silence was observed and I am sure that was the case at club matches all over Scotland and beyond. Indeed, the commentator at Glasgow's match in Biarritz noted that the silence there was "impeccably observed".

The SRU are not alone in this fatuity, but, whether they believe it or not, rugby supporters can be trusted to behave properly in matters like this and to show their respect in silence. The logical conclusion to the SRU's approach is that, at some future time, we shall see the monarch leading two minutes' applause at the cenotaph on Remembrance Day.


Lanark Road