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As an 87-year-old long-time resident of Edinburgh South, I found the SNP candidate’s disparaging remarks about older folk deeply offensive (your report, 23 April).

I can assure Neil Hay that I have all my wits about me and hope that I will always be free to voice my opinions.

He dares to call No voters Quislings, when the SNP insist that all their candidates must sign a pledge that they will never criticise the decisions of their leaders in any way.

Everyone in our communities deserves respect, and these comments are unbecoming of a parliamentary candidate in this day and age.

How could anyone even contemplate voting for such a candidate?

It is the SNP that is luring voters into a totalitarian state by their centralising policies. They want more powers devolved from Westminster but at the same time they are weakening local democracy at every move by taking powers away from local organisations.

Henry L Philip

Grange Loan