Shelved library

As a St Andrews University graduate I was disappointed to note that the university has deferred a much needed £46 million refurbishment of its library, identified as one of the weakest in the country, saying it cannot afford the investment in the current financial climate (your report, 5 June).

New plans have been drawn up for a more modest 7m upgrade, and an additional 7m will be spent on a new library store and on improving the collection of books.

However, despite these financial constraints the principal, Dr Louise Richardson, is brazenly looking to progress a 4m refurbishment of her official residence, money that would better spent on upgrading the library.

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Universities are experiencing difficulties and up-front tuition fees have quite rightly been ruled out, but there is also an onus on universities to be more innovative when it comes to raising revenue and that, for example, means putting money into books and not into the principal of St Andrews University's home comforts.


Bryson Road