Separate shops

Scottish voters owe a debt of gratitude to Asda and Morrison’s for putting forward their views on the consequences of separation on food prices in Scotland.

No business has its finger on the pulse of costs, prices and market share more than supermarket retailing.

In addition to their rationale on spreading costs across the whole of the UK to Scotland’s advantage, it is worth noting that the UK is the only European country to have an exemption on VAT on food.

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I wonder how Scotland would fare in that regard if there was to be a Yes vote with Scotland’s future relationship with the EU very much in doubt.

This is exactly the type of information the voters need and are desperate for and I very much hope that more business people and others follow suit. Of course, it is exactly the type of input that the SNP tries to stifle and ridicule as it does with anything it does not like – event though it says it welcomes debate.

Now we are being urged to boycott Asda and Morrison’s for describing what seems to be a very likely outcome of separation.

We even have a senior member of the SNP saying that perhaps Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s should Scotland after a Yes vote.

Where do they dig these people up and do we feel confident in giving them any role in the future of Scotland?

Donald Lewis


East Lothian