Secular scandal

VERONICA Wilkman (Letters, 4 May) declares “to accommodate and encourage a religious influence on all state schools, which is currently happening, is nothing short of a scandal”.

She does not seem to be aware either of the past nor present situations. The churches handed over all their schools to the state system in 1872 on the condition that they would remain Christian schools. This is still the position in law.

The scandal is that secular humanists have, cuckoo-like, taken over our education system and are using it to indoctrinate children in their materialistic, godless philosophy.

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The decline in literacy and numeracy is nothing to do with “the numerous hours allocated to religious observance” (one wonders which schools Ms Wilkman has been in) but is much more to do with the decline of an education based upon Christian principles.

The rich are able to send their children to private schools, many of which retain the Christian ethos, but meanwhile the rest of us are left to suffer under a system, which was once the envy of the world and has now become a laughing stock.

It is beyond parody that, in the name of tolerance, the tiny minority of secular humanists want to further impose their stranglehold on education by removing the last vestiges of Christianity from our state system.

David A Robertson

St Peter’s Free Church