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Scotland Today – New Life and Hope 1 May, 1950

IN SCOTLAND to-day, even in her most desolate parts, there was evidence of new life, new hope, and new work, declared Mr James Maxwell, chairman of the London Committee of the Scottish Council (Development and Industry), when he proposed the toast of "Scotland" at the annual dinner of the Scottish Clans Association of London at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, to-night. Mr Maxwell said that Scotland now had a population of five million – more than at any time in her history – but they were not well distributed, either in location or employment. The steady decline of world trade, the growth of economic nationalism, and the increasing barriers to free trade which marked the period after the First World War, were among the causes of unemployment in Scotland and showed clearly that her economy rested on too narrow a basis. Since the summer of 1945 fresh sources of employment had been provided by over 300 firms.