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'Ten-Ton Tessie': Scotland produced this outsize bomb, 9 June, 1945

Among Scotland's many notable contributions to the speedy termination of the war in Europe was "Ten-Ton Tessie", the outsize bomb which followed quickly upon the success of the 12,000lb "Block Busters", and which caused such dreadful havoc and devastation to German cities and military installations that further serious resistance became impossible. Scotland may be justly proud of "Ten-Ton Tessie", which was cast and also machined to its shiny, sleek, finished perfection north of the Border. It is a tribute to the efficiency of the secrecy arrangements surrounding the manufacture of many of Britain's most important weapons of war that the officials and workmen of the companies turning out the giant bombs did not know where they took "aboard" their vast quantities of explosives. Press representatives were shown in the West of Scotland yesterday the processes leading up to the completed article.