Scots back SNP, not UK break-up

EVERY indication is that the SNP are well ahead in the polls and in Holyrood and Westminster seat projections.

It appears to be a settled party with no internal ructions and any bickering is carefully hidden. They are conducting an orderly transition of leadership while those opposing them flounder and lurch from crisis to crisis.

Why then, having every ­possible advantage, with millionaire and “celebrity’’ and some media backing, when it comes to the very reason for the party’s existence, are the SNP rejected out of hand by the people of Scotland?

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It would seem certain they will never gain their goal of breaking up the UK and yet it remains the party to whom most Scots turn when disenchanted with the mainstream groups.

It seems they are fine as long as they are not Labour or the Tories or the Lib Dems, but the actual message they are trying to sell is anathema to the vast majority of Scots.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh