Scots aren’t suffering from austerity

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Austerity. Don’t the SNP just love the word? Think of the new £350 million Midlothian to Borders austerity railway.

Then there is the new £1.4 billion austerity Forth road bridge under construction. Nearby an austere aircraft carrier is being built, and another to follow – the biggest ships ever constructed for the world’s most illustrious navy, with a £6.2bn price tag.

All across the country austere wind farms garner millions for landowners and developers.

At the regional level we have the two £2m austerity horses’ heads at Grangemouth while the £4.8m austerity Star of Caledonia, to be higher than the Angel of the North and festooned with thousands of LEDs, will be plonked next to the motorway at Gretna.

Then there is the £3.5 million austerity building which Scottish Borders Council 
intends to construct to house a Nationalist tapestry at Tweedbank.

Scots have to make do with an austere £1,400 extra spending per man woman and child compared with England so it is no surprise that a Nationalist school teachers was accused taking ten-year-olds on anti-austerity marches.

“We’re against austerity,” say the SNP economic experts and the ten-year-olds.

Taking their cue from the toddlers and the SNP economic experts, millions of workers have enjoyed an anti-austerity £800 tax cut while pensioners are guaranteed that their austere pensions will increase by at least 2.5 per cent yearly.

Scottish car sales soared to a record anti-austerity 221,570 in 2014 while retail parks are crowded out by 
anti-austerity consumers spending as if there was no tomorrow.

Meanwhile, mortgage rates are at an anti-austerity record low-level as are interest rates while inflation is at an austere zero. So why vote SNP?

William Loneskie


Lauder, Berwickshire

On BBC News at Ten on Monday Treasury figures were reported for per capita spending on the NHS and 
education for the four-year period 2008/09 to 2012/13, when the SNP were in control of these for Scotland.

Health spending went up by 11.7 per cent in England and by 8.1 per cent in Scotland. Education spending went up by 6 per cent in England and went down by 3.8 per cent in Scotland.

Government spending was 18 per cent higher per head of population in Scotland.

This is appalling. Where has the money gone?

Robert Williams

Inverleith Gardens