Scotland’s choice

Following Michael Russell’s “kangaroo court” jibe, on cue, Alex Orr (Letters, 21 August) follows it up with another attack on the eminent lawyers and legal experts discussing the ramifications of Scotland separating and the resultant break-up of the UK.

Mr Orr again follows his leaders’ examples in his letter and infers that “Scottish people” and “the SNP” are freely interchangeable words.

It would seem that rather than the best legal brains in the land, Mr Russell and Mr Orr would prefer Alex and Nicola simply to assert what everyone else will do and how they will act once Scotland has left the UK.

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I am afraid that come the referendum, they will find that the Scottish people and the SNP are two entirely different entities and that the electorate understands only too well that making laughable and absurd assertions to the ultra-gullible SNP faithful will simply not do post-­separation.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg