School bus crash could have been avoided

My prayers go out on behalf of the families who have been traumatised by the recent coach crash (your report, 1 April).

I am amazed that, as members of the European Union, we do not adopt the same road traffic regulations as certain countries regarding the carrying of snow chains and use of winter tyres during periods of inclement, wintry weather.

It is not enough to rely totally on gritted roads. Common sense must prevail, and the weather warnings given by the met office, particularly with regard to winter weather, must be considered carefully.

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Gritting does not make an "act of God" manageable. However, I firmly believe snow tyres go a long way to saving lives.

Having negotiated my way along very icy roads in Norway, I was impressed as to the huge difference these tyres made.


Trinity Road


The atrocious weather conditions of 30/31 March steadily worsened with a lengthy power cut. By 6am on Wednesday nothing had improved.

On the roads around Biggar there had been no preparation for the forecasted severe weather conditions.

There was no evidence whatsoever of gritting, snow ploughs or gritter lorries on our early morning run and the local bus service to Edinburgh travelling through Biggar was halted there as well.

It is absolutely indefensible that a school coach going on a "jolly" should have departed in those conditions. I know the roads round Lanark and the coach was not even on one of the main roads.

This demands a full investigation as authorities readily close schools, yet others allow a coach of pupils to set off in hazardous conditions.

My deep and sincere condolences to the bereaved family.



By Biggar