Saying Yes for oil and Trident

THERE are two principal reasons I’ll vote Yes in September: I want Scotland to have access to its oil revenues and I want Trident out of the Clyde.

We were told 40 years ago that by now the oil would have run out. Instead we are seeing record investment made in Scotland’s territorial waters.

Trident is an obscenity and I would vote for its removal whether independence was on offer or not.

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Project Fear warns us of the volatility of oil prices, when we should be concerned by the volatility of nuclear fission.

However, there are other compelling reasons for an independence vote:

Westminster governments have exhibited a level of inefficiency unmatched since the rule of Nero.

We have a system of income tax that enables those who can afford a competent accountant to trouser millions whilst their employees, on minimum wage, are ripped off under PAYE.

There is now a record number of billionaires in Britain and a record number of food banks.

Another department clearly not fit for purpose is the Ministry of Defence.

We have a navy with more admirals than warships and an air force with more squadron leaders than planes. When the “giant” aircraft carriers, already well over budget, are eventually completed around 2020, we will have to negotiate for aircraft from Uncle Sam.

I find it impossible to believe that with the purse strings firmly in our own hands and all delusions of megalomania dispersed, we couldn’t do a much better job.

Joseph G Miller, Dunfermline