Safety first

I AM writing regarding the coverage of the police operation searching for Raoul Moat.

Here we had a murderer who, by his own communications, indicated that he had every intention of carrying out more killings and our police forces instigated a search and containment exercise which culminated in his suicide before any other innocent people lost their lives.

Could someone explain to me why the television and press coverage has not once said thank you to the police forces for their success in this but are concentrating on querying their methods and implying that they were wrong in practically everything they did?



Biggar, Lanarkshire

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The photograph used to illustrate the hunt for Raoul Moat (7 July) clearly shows an armed police officer pointing the muzzle of his firearm, finger on the trigger, at two female occupants of a car which has been stopped by the police.

As the manhunt concerned an armed man, the firearm in question would be loaded, cocked and ready to fire with a round in the chamber or, depending on the firearm, in a position to be instantly chambered and fired.

From this, the actions of the policeman concerned are highly dangerous and unacceptable regarding the correct and safe handling of firearms.

A number of incidents in recent years, involving the police unjustifiably pointing firearms at others, have resulted in so-called and incorrectly described "accidental discharges", causing death or serious injury.

There can be no "explanation", "excuse" or "exception" tolerated or accepted from a police officer who breaks the primary rule of firearm safety.


Mortonhall Park Crescent


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