On the road out

BOB Taylor (Letters, 9 June) writes as if the Labour Party is still a ­massive presence in Scottish politics, when a solitary MP at ­Westminster and real fears about next year’s Holyrood election point in a completely different direction.

The juxtapositioning of Ian Maxfield’s letter (also 9 June) regarding falling Church (of Scotland) membership begs the question; could it just be that the dreich, early 20th century philosophies of grudge and envy of both organisations are a complete turn-off for the much more open-minded and forgiving “plastic” generations?

Personally, I doubt if Scotland can afford one Socialist party, whether it is re-branded “progressive” or not.

But it certainly cannot afford the expensive luxury of two. 

The Church of Scotland’s foray over several decades into left-wing politics with all of the attendant baggage that has brought has cost it dear in both membership and finance.


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But that doesn’t matter to the zealots as long as their stipends are paid.

Interesting times for both ­organisations.

Irvine Inglis

Reston, Berwickshire